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When you get a message from a customer asking for HELP ASAP in need of a red bow .... Well ill try everything i can to help. 10 min later i get a knock on the door from a very flustered friend, I still couldnt work out what was sooo important in the middle of the day ( her daughter is at school) for this massive need for this red bow. WELL ........ Lets just say she was having a VERY BAD DAY !! And a lady told her that a red bow will wash all the bad energy off of her and she will have a better day .... Safe to say after putting in our Minnie Bow in red her day finally calmed down and she said it was the best purchase she had made .. I do love to help you in the oddest requests ... lol So if anyone is having bad day .... I have quite a few red bows in stock so dont worry.


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