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  1. Who is ready for the new look website with lots of amazing new features ??

    Saturday 4th Jan 10 am !

    Ok so as most of you know i have been awol for a while with my other job and attending Rochester Christmas Market. Which once again was amazing ! This was my 5th year attending and it only gets better each year!

    I met so many amazinng people and gain some amazing new customers. And also had lot of my amazing veteran customers pop down to say hello and buy a bow or 12 hahaha, (not naming anyone .. Ruth, Claire, Stacey and Sarah) But it was amazing to see everyone and meet all out amazing new customers and welcome you to

    So after a full on 54 days straight ive managed to get soome time off over xmas to spend with my family ( who im sure forgot who i was) with Mr pinks birthday, Minnie master pinks birthday and then my birthday its been a mad few weeks.

    But im back to the land of the living and back in work mode with spending the past week re planning and re structuring the website. ( im so excited for you all to see...)

    There are a few changes this year, All for the good so dont worry. There are going to be more "New" launches, some special occation ideas, some oldies but goodies will be back !


    So all i really have to say is welcome all to 2020. we hope you all have an amazing year and look foward to each and every PINK Parcel that leaves Pink HQ.

    And remember if you have a friend that you think would love us , Give us a little share like or comment on our Social media. We are on Facebook Instagram You Tube and NOW TikTok ( altho ive still no idea what is going on haha)


    Catch in with you all soon,

    Kelly AKA Mrs PINK

  2. Ok so i know for most its not a worry to find an old pair of scissors in the kitchen cupboard or the kids craft draw. But for me its one of my more used tools for every day and i can get very upset when someone mistakes them for paper cutting scissors ( omg i could cry Or have a melt down )

    Sad i know but a fresh cut of ribbon can be quite satisfying in an odd way, Rather than being cut and the scissors snagging or pulling on the ribbon so you have to cut it 2 or 3 times just to get it straight or clean.


    Ive spent years searching for a perfect pair of scissors, from ones from the pound shop ( thinking they are cheep i can buy loads and the will last me ages) to a pair from a well known fabric shop costing over £30 ...... Yes i know i said over £30 , and please dont tell Mr PINK as he still to this day thinks they were half price and i had a £10 voucher for the shop.....

    Well all i can say is Price doesnt matter !!!!

    Being so chuffed with my new Gold plated diamond encrusted unicorn horn scissors ( well they should of been made like that for the price i paid) i start my work trying to find more and more to cut as they were doing a great job. but after a few weeks they became blunt, i was gutted ! i couldnt believe these had only lasted a few weeks, so thought id get them sharpened just to keep them going just a little longer, ( which also cost me another £10 )

    So come home from a long day of rushing about and push my shopping bags on the side and carry on with me day. 2 days off and getting back to work i go to my Scissor draw and can't find my unicorn scissors anywhere !!!! im hunting high and low and can't find them. I panic, call the shop just incase id dropped them there, checked the car again, and they are know where to be found. Well instead of telling Mr PINK ive lost me very expensive gold plated scissors i decide to run out quick to the pound shop and grab the first thing i find just to get the work done for the day.

    well fast forward 2 months ( still not found the Dimond encrusted scissors) ive noticed im still using me bargain scissors and can't believe they are still going strong. !!

    that night the kids asked to get the craft box out and make cards to friends, so out comes the draw and what do i find ....... my £30+ scissors covered in glue and glitter and feathers stuck to the bottom of the kids craft draw !!! i had to second glance in disbelief !

    so in a calm ( well as calm as i could be ) voice i ask the kids where they found mummies scissors ?

    and got a reply of " Daddy was cutting stuff in the kitchen and we asked to borrow them "

    so i asked Mr Pink ... " where did you find them scissors?"

    his reply " i found them on the kitchen side i thought you brought some new ones for the kitchen, they are really nice arnt they! but the kids have got them all sticky, maybe we should get some more just for the kitchen ?

    I didnt have the heart to tell him they were my expensive ones ....

    My reply " ok hun ill see if i can remember where i got them from"

    i then go to the bow room grab the other pair id got from the pound shop and gave them to him. And months on they are still going strong and my glitter covered blunt expensive scissors have now gone to their new home ... the bin.

    So the moral of the story is you dont have to buy cheep you dont have to buy expensive you just need to find out what works for you.

    Custom made, Hand Made and made with love mean one thing .....

    Someone cares , someone has taken time to put their heat and soul into making an amazing item for you, it has taken time, energy and most of all love, Just for you.

    Support small businesses as then you are supporting someones dream.