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  1. Cant Sleep on a good idea

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    Ok so it has come to my attention that blogs are a good way of people finding out about the person/people behind the keys, so I'm going to try and not bore you all with the exciting life of me and Prettyinpinkbows . It's had to beleive that it would be that exciting but maybe someone finds me gabbering on rather entertaining .... 

    Mao here it goes ... 

    Day 1. Well it's 10.47 pm and I'm in bed writing thing as its an idea that's popped into my head to try, problem is I now need to think of things to write and also get some sleep as need to be up at 6 to work for the "Family Business" in the morning. 

    So I will wish you all sweet dreams and hopefully catch up tomorrow. 

    Over and out