Its Cabin Fever HERE !!!!

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So Day 4 of being snowed in and its not fun anymore.

The kids have been off school since tuesday im suprised they havnt killed each other yet.

So unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere for the past week im sure you can feel my pain OR you have been one of the very few lucky ones who the snow hasnt hit. ( I wish i lived where you are )

So a few of you know i was away last weekend and i travelled back monday to lots of people sending pics of bad weather and hurrying us all to get home. So we left early to try and miss it. ... Well we got home to (Wait for it) NOTHING ...... there was nothing ! just blooming cold. so seeing as i hadnt seen Mr PINK and the tribe for a few days we decided to go out for dinner. It was lovely. Whilst there we realised we were next to an asda, so stupid me (After 1 glass of wine) said lets go in we better get bread and milk . - now we are still on monday, no real snow yet so i thought run in run out get home. ...

Well we go in, grab milk then turn the isle to get bread and it was EMPTY !! TOTALLY EMPTY , Where the heck had all the bread gone ? it was madness. There is no way in the world that people had really panic brought that amount of bread? Not even a single bread roll HAHA.

So any way id already sorted an asda delivery so it was fine, i had it all coming. Then the snow hit and it was cancelled, then it was cancelled wednesday then Thursday. I finally got it today YAY ... For the delivery driver to say i was really lucky as he had been told to stop what he was doing and go back to the depot as the weather was changing again.

Luckly i brought 5 loafs and 48 bread rolls. So im thinking for every £5 you spend i might send you a bread roll !!

What do you think ?

Lets hope the weather eases a bit soon.

Stay safe everyone

 Sweet dreams guys im off to bed x

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