looooong day, of a working mum

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So it's been a Llllooooooooong day today . 

Up at 6 and had to work with the Family business, then rush home for 10 to take one of the kids to a party at one of the most dreaded places of most parents .... A jungle gym ! 

Loads more screaming kids and tiny hiding places and slide you don't fit down but the kids want you to go on again and again. 

Well after my lil one had his face painted as Spider-Man (bring on the RED) and running around for another 10 min the paint started reacting with his skin (badly) sooooo baby wipe came out and after 8 he was still as red as a tomato lol ! It had stained .... Badly 😮 

So time to go home and get him cleaned up, 

then realise ive still not had anything to eat I grab a sarnie, and get the dinner ready for the other ready so I can go back to work. 

so it's now 10.55 and it's bed time after a tin of beans for dinner and a cuppa tea, it's time to get ready for a new week of Bows Bows Bows !!! 

21 messages on my FB over the weekend. 8 web orders and 2 pickups tomorrow ....... 

Busy busy bee !!! 

lets do this 

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